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Lowest price guarantee terms and conditions

The following conditions apply

  1. Registration should be open to anyone
    i.e. anyone should be able to go to the reported registrar and register a domain with the reported extension
  2. Promotions with limitations are excluded
    e.g. limit 1 per customer, price only in combination with hosting, etc
    sales events without any conditions are eligible
  3. Affiliate links are excluded
    i.e. promotional links that offer a referral fee are excluded
  4. Registrar website should be available in English
    i.e. not through a translation service
  5. The registrar supports standard payment methods
    i.e. credit card, paypal
  6. Maximum payment per report is capped at $100
    some domain extensions cost over $10.000 per registration, we don't want to bankrupt ourselves here ;)
  7. Applicable taxes should be included in the price
    e.g. sales tax applicable to the person registering the domain
  8. Obvious bugs and errors on the dot.bs website are excluded
    if we accidentally show a 'lowest price' for a .com of $850, we'd love to hear it so we can fix it immediately, but we won't be paying out the difference in this case
  9. In any case in which fraud, deceit, or malice is suspected, the decision to pay the difference is at the sole discretion of dot.bs