About dot.bs

History of dot.bs

dot.bs was started, as many projects do, as something small: how can I keep track of all domains I own at various registrars. Pretty soon this was extended with domain cost analysis, and then again extended with DNS management functionalities. And finally, if we're able to setup DNS records anyway, why not add email into it as well.
After multiple years of working nights and weekends, there finally is a working version of all that: dot.bs
I like what it turned into (I might be biased), and use it a lot. I hope you will too!

Why 'dot.bs'

I wanted something catchy and something short. And, also quite important: something affordable. 'dot.com' would've been better, but I'm not even sure how much that would cost.
Additionally, there's something about the Bahamas and .bs that speaks to me..

Who started dot.bs

I'm Jorma, a data architect from the Netherlands by day, and tinkerer by night. Nice to meet you!

Is this even really the Bahamas..?